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No-Hands Pet Poop Scooper

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It's always great to take your dog for walks in the park, through the neighborhood, or at the beach. However, when nature calls and your dog has got to go, there's no telling where he'll poo! Normally, you have to carry a bag in your pocket and use your hand to clean up the poop and it's gross!

We've changed all of that with the amazing No-Hands Pet Poo Scooper!

Designed for easy, one-handed pickup on all surfaces.

This pooper scooper makes cleaning up after your pet more hygenic and convenient than ever before!

NOTE: Delivery could take 2 to 4 weeks. Please bear with us. It'll be worth it!


  • Portable: Our scooper hooks right onto your dog's leash so you'll never forget it
  • Convenient: Built-in waste baggies make cleaning up dog poo easier than ever before
  • Extendable: The backside of the scooper extends so you don't have to bend or strain to clean up the doo doo
  • Effective: Easily picks up poop from any surface, hands-free!

The No-Hands Pet Poo Scooper comes with 1 roll of bags (15 pcs. There are two sizes available: large or small. Choose size depending on the girth of your dog.

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Robin Kramer

Great product! I used to hate picking up my dog's poop with just a plastic bag over my hand. Yuck!


Gretna S.

I'm really please by this product! it picks up my Great Dane's waste super easily. I purchased the large scooper.


Conrad F.

A great gadget that makes picking up dog poop so much easier. I never liked carrying around plastic bags in my pockets and then having to carry the waste home with me. This scooper keeps it neat and tucked away until we get home or find a trash receptacle.


Joe Grazio

My dog Reggie does his business pretty much right after we step out of the door. This scooper makes it much less disgusting to pick up.


Robert Y.

A great quality pooper scooper that is practical and affordable.